What is Vacuum Therapy?

The essence of the therapy is that the cups are placed on the body - most often on the back, as there are reflex zones that are connected to the chest and abdominal organs, so they also have an effect on them, and then create a vacuum in them. In this way, a stimulus effect is created, under the influence of which the capillaries expand, an abundance of blood develops, and the oxygen supply and metabolism of the cells improves.

During musculoskeletal treatment, connective tissues, fascia and muscles are affected statically or dynamically. With a silicone device, we can work simply, quickly and dynamically along the fascia lines, while rigid-walled glass or plastic devices are recommended for static treatments.

Dynamic vacuum therapy, which we use along the fascia lines to increase the range of motion, speed up blood flow and metabolic processes, and use it for faster emptying of waste products.

The treatment is done with silicone devices, usually not alone, but integrated into massage or fascia techniques.

It can be well combined with instrumental manual therapy.

Who do we recommend?

In case of muscle adhesions, muscle injuries, ligament injuries, rigid scar tissues.

Performed by Évi Benkő, Éva Hugyák, Vivien Rapi, and Adrienn Dávid.