What is physical therapy?

  • Physical therapy in our Center represents a more powerful line, mainly adapted to hobby and professional athletes, the difficulty and intensity of the exercises are higher than the usual.
  • In our exercises, we combine the joint protection rules of medical gymnastics with the exercises of yoga, pilates, and strength training. Physiotherapy can be used individually or in groups, it is the competence of the Physiotherapist to decide what is needed.
  • Who do we recommend?
  • As a preventive measure, someone has not exercised for a long time and wants to start again and first wants to get the core muscles in order, for an injury-free foundation for hobbyists or professional athletes, in children's orthopedic cases (negligent posture, scoliosis, Scheuermann's disease, flat. feet), after locomotor injuries and surgeries.

It is performed by therapists Évi Benkő, Éva Hugyák, Vivien Rapi, and Adrienn Dávid.