The program and its results

  1. Reduction of acute pain and injury, elimination of inflammation
    • In your business/professional life:
      1. More energy
      2. Funcitonal mobility restoration
      3. Reducing sport- related fears
      4. You can go back to work
      5. You can start moving again
    • In your personal life:
      1. More balanced
      2. Trust
      3. Peace of mind
      4. You can take part in family leisure programs again
  2. It is a causal therapy, containing the consolidation of the foundations of physics
    • What do you hope for? Building a new structure, avoiding re-injuries
      The benefits the hobbyist will experience/receive?
    • We offer a complex rehabilation, containing the following methods:
      1. sport- specific physiotherapy, building muscle strength, proprioception development, manual techniques
      2. Be faster and stronger than ever. Have a strong mind in a strong body with confidence!

        What does it result in?

        • In your business/professional life:
          1. increased fitness level
          2. Stability
          3. Acceleration growth
  3. Closing the Program
    • Would you repeat the program? Do you need a new program recommendation? 1x-2 times a month, 1x control maintenance treatment, manual therapy
    • BONUSES:
      Possible recommandations for future Programs: participation in spinal yoga and fitness training
      Our profession is our creed: professional rehabilitation!

Length: : 1-3 months, individually

3-month program 2x treatment per week, 1x manual therapy per month, HUF 120,000 per month + HUF 10,000 nutritional adjustment during the program

In the first week of the 1st month, a health assessment, manual therapy and a physical exercise, then 2x weekly physiotherapy, which includes physical therapy and manual techniques, 1 visit and 7 physiotherapy and/plus 1 nutrition consultation, blood analysis after blood collection, 7 physiotherapy HUF 84,000, visit fee HUF 20,000, nutrition and blood analysis HUF 20,000, HUF 104,000 + HUF 20,000 nutrition and blood analysis = HUF 124,000

2nd month, who needs 7/4 physiotherapy + 1 visit fee, 2 times a week, HUF 104,000/ HUF 68,000

3rd month 7/4 physiotherapy + 1 visit fee HUF 104,000/ HUF 68,000 Physiotherapy 50’, visit 50’ functional examination, manual therapy, counseling nutritional counseling is important for faster and more effective tissue regeneration!

The content of the 3-month program: 21 treatments (how many minutes, what technique) + 3 visits + nutrition and blood analysis = HUF 352,000, 12 physiotherapy and 3 manual therapy and nutrition, blood analysis HUF 234,000