What is instrumental manual therapy?

  • Instrumental Manual Therapy is a 10-year innovative development of a Spanish osteopath, Stefan Richelli.
  • We use the instrumental manual therapy in mostly every therapy session, and also an accredited training can be completed with us. The training is given by manual therapist Éva Hugyák.

    With the help of the tools, we can reach the soft tissues much more deeply and more efficiently than if we only worked on the muscles and muscle wrap lines with our hands. We work with different tools on large muscles and small muscles, there is a special tool for the treatment of Achilles and head nodding muscles.

    Depending on whether we are doing a muscle or fascia treatment, we use the tools with a cream or dry on the skin.

    Who do we recommend? Muscle tears, muscle injuries, muscle adhesions, ligament tears, trigger points (pain points). It can be well combined with vacuum therapy, flossing and manual therapy.

    Performed by Évi Benkő, Éva Hugyák, Vivien Rapi, and Adrienn Dávid.