I am Mária Perillak, naturopath, alternative exercise and massage therapist.

I primarily support the improvement of the physical and mental condition of Prime Physio's patients with craniosacral treatments. I know well from my own experience that behind the sometimes extremely painful physical symptoms, very often there are mental problems, new and old physical and/or emotional blocks. Solving and eliminating them, however, is not only your responsibility, but also requires the patient's cooperation, previous habits, and even a change in lifestyle. During the very gentle craniosacral treatment, the therapist humbly follows the body's internal healer and tries to guide the patient towards optimal physical condition with small manipulation techniques that are sometimes barely perceptible to the patient. The effectiveness of the process and the time required for it vary individually, but the real key is the patient's active desire to heal and the degree of change in lifestyle undertaken. As our life is a series of continuous changes, certain problems and complaints may return, so they require constant regular or reinforcing, reminder treatments.

  • craniosacral and visceral manipulation treatments
  • TMI treatments (Richelli's Instrumental Manual Therapy)
  • shiatsu and wellness massage



Shiatsu és wellness masszázs

50 p.9000 Ft
Instrumentális manuálterápia

25 p.

50 p.

7500 Ft

13000 Ft

Craniosacralis Terápia50 p.15000 Ft