What is Kinesiotape?

  • Natural, flexible, air- and water-permeable cotton tapes relax or stabilize the damaged tissue.
  • The healing of joint, muscle and ligament problems is effectively accelerated as a result of easier, pain-free movement on the part of the body that is properly fixed, but at the same time can be moved freely, because the blood and lymph circulation becomes more intense.
  • The relaxation technique is suitable for the relief of muscle fever, muscle tension, overloads, the pressure on the pain receptors is relieved and the pain is reduced.
  • The goal is to fix joints, ligament tears, and muscle tears with the stabilizing technique.
  • In the case of correction technique, we can correct the incorrect position of the bones, joints and muscle wrap, e.g. in the case of flatfeet or scoliosis.
  • Lymphatic technique is aimed at reducing aedema and supporting lymphatic circulation, as well as removing waste products from the damaged area.
  • Who do we recommend?
  • In case of sports injuries, promoting the ability to load again while playing sports, relieving muscle strain, fixing sprains, preventing stretch marks during pregnancy

Performed by Évi Benkő, Éva Hugyák, Vivien Rapi, and Adrienn Dávid.