What is McKenzie therapy?

  • Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.
  • The essence of therapy is to reduce disc hernia related pain with functional tests and sequences of movements, increase joint range and allow the patient to move pain-free, even without pain-relieving drugs.
  • The method is named after New Zealand physiotherapist Robin McKenzie. It was originally developed for disc hernia therapy, but today it is also at the forefront of treatment of the limbs, whether acute or chronic locomotor disorders.
  • Who do we recommend?
  • For the treatment of scoliosis (neck, back, lumbar), in case of chronic and traumatic changes in the knee joint, in case of hip prosthesis, after an ankle injury, tendonitis, in case of chronic and traumatic changes in the shoulder.
  • Course of therapy: we examine it with a special test sheet and functional tests, and with movement patterns we reduce pain and increase the range of motion.

Perfromed by Éva Hugyák.