Nutrition counseling and blood analysis

  • Based on a blood count analysis, it is possible to compile nutritional supplements and adjust optimal nutrition
  • Our blood test is analyzed in a Norwegian laboratory, by determining inflammatory processes and omega 3:6 ratios, it also helps in the detection and solution of focal research
  • Blood count analysis: HUF 10,000
  • We compile a list of nutritional supplements, vitamins, and herbal preparations necessary for the body, as well as recommendations for optimal nutrition


Arch-support for shoes

  • In our center, it is also possible to have custom insoles prepared, we take the sample on site and we choose the type of insole you would need depending on your lifestyle, body weight, sports, and then the custom insole will be ready within 2 weeks courtesy of Ortoteam Kft.
  • Who do we recommend? In case of flatfoot, transverse arch depression, hallux valgus ankle depression, thick ankle ligament tears
  • Price HUF 9,500
  • Sampling 15 minutes
  • You can ask all physiotherapist colleagues