My name is Éva-Hanna Benkő and I am Physical Therapist, Instrumental Manual Therapist and Handball Coach.

My past as an athlete led me to the path of physical therapy. I have known from my own experience that specific strengthening and rehabilitation through targeted movements is the key to living a full and healthy life, or even starting over after an injury.

I learned the profession in Transylvania, in Cluj, and the possibility of continuous development spurred me to complete further studies. In addition to my diploma in physical therapy, I completed a three-years Coaching Training, which helps me in identifing the loadibility of active athletes, the possibilities of injury and their appropriate rehabilitation needs. The more knowledge a physiotherapist has, the more methods she has at her disposal, so several postgraduate courses are at my disposal: Trigger Point Therapy, Flossing Therapy, Sports and Lymphatic Taping, Medical Massage.

At the very beginning of my career, I was taken under the wings of the best therapist, Éva Hugyák, who taught me that hard work combined with determination and knowledge brings Prime quality results.

Prime Physio by Eva is a center where the body, soul and spirit are united.


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