My name is Adrienn Dávid, physiotherapist and Certified Human Kinesiologist.

I always wanted a profession where I could help people. I found the physiotherapy profession because of my personal involvement. Ever since then, I feel like I made the best decision at the time.

I gained my experience in post-surgery rehabilitation, therapy of spinal diseases and preventive spinal exercises, preparation for childbirth and rehabilitation after childbirth, incontinence and other joint related complaints.

In order to expand my professional knowledge, I constantly follow the international literature and take part in further training. Among others, I use TMI, Flossing therapy, Kinesiotape and Mulligan manual therapy.

On the road to recovery - using the most suitable techniques - I accompany my patient in such a way that he/she understands the functioning of his/her body, and when he/she no longer needs further treatments, he/she can incorporate it into his daily life and sports activities.


Schroth terápia 50p 9.000 Ft
Mulligan féle manuálterápia 50p 13.000 Ft
Gátizomtorna 50p 9.000 ft