My name is Glória Gyurik, physiotherapist

Ever since I could walk, I have been constantly moving, sport is a defining part of my life, so I always knew that it would be part of my profession in some form. As a high school student, I was interested in the humanities and biology, so I decided on physical education as a combination of these, which has been one of the best decisions of my life ever since. I try to apply what I have experienced in the sports of rock climbing, athletics, cycling, duathlon, triathlon, swimming, volleyball, dancing, and horse riding in my profession. Currently, sport is part of my life as a hobby in the form of wall climbing and running.

I obtained my diploma at the University of Debrecen, but my learning process did not end there, and since then I have been steadfastly completing further training in order to be able to provide holistic, individualized help to my patients. An important part of my studies is Schroth, McKenzie, Barvichenko manual therapy and various fascial therapies, through which I delved into the treatment of spinal disorders in children and adults in addition to sports injuries.

The motivation of my profession is to give back to people the joy of free movement and thus a quality life.

My postgraduate courses:

  • Kinesiology tape therapy
  • Dynamic tape therapy
  • Flossing therapy
  • Cup therapy
  • FDM therapy
  • MCKenzie therapy
  • Schroth therapy
  • Instrumental Manual Therapy
  • Barvichenko manual therapy (ongoing)